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Quartz Worktops Are In: Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Them

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If you are in the process of choosing a material for your worktops, may we suggest you go with quartz? It adds an element of elegance to your home that other stone materials cannot provide. Quartz has become a popular choice among new homeowners, and this article will list five reasons why. But before we delve into that, there is an important thing you need to know about this material. Quartz is not like most natural stones such as marble, granite or concrete. It is artificially made and manufactured in factories. This information is crucial in the reasons why it has become a popular material for worktops.

  1. Quartz is durable

This reason is the selling point of a quartz worktop. London manufacturers will ensure that the material you will be getting is the best for your home. The binding polymers and coloured pigments in engineered quartz add to its durability. Other natural stones are sturdy for worktop use too, like concrete and granite. However, quartz beats them in the chipping and cracking department. It is less prone to have those issues, which is impressive in the long run.

  1. Quartz has nonporous properties

It does not have tiny holes or cracks for liquids to seep into. Since that is the case, it makes a quartz worktop more sanitary than its natural stone counterparts. Germs and viruses are unlikely to linger on its surface. Another good selling point of this material is its ability to resist stains. Accident-prone or clumsy people are sure to love this feature.

  1. Quartz has easy upkeep

Despite its glamorous looks, quartz requires inexpensive cleaning products. Use simple dish soap and a soft cloth to clean it and rinse with warm water. Harsh detergents and abrasive tools are not encouraged to be used on this material. They will cause dullness and early deterioration. You can also look for special cleaners for quartz, or you can DIY. Make sure that your ingredients are not acidic or alkaline as that can defeat the purpose of cleaning it.

  1. Quartz can come in different colours and styles

Since it is a manufactured product, expect that it will come in a variety of colours and styles. Natural stones like marble and granite are only available in natural colours. If you are a fan of bright colours, you can achieve that with a personalized quartz worktop. You can also choose which finish you want your worktop to have. You can mix and match to achieve your dream worktop. Check with the supplier first if they have these options.

  1. Quartz gives a consistent look.

A person who wants everything to look uniform will like this about quartz. Natural stones do not have this quality because they are what they are. Since quartz is synthetic, it can come in the same colour and pattern per tile.

Note your needs and activities at home first before purchasing a quartz worktop. These will determine if it is really for you.

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