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The Top Solutions for Reducing Commercial Heating and Cooling Costs

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Large buildings require a lot of energy to heat or cool. If you want to avoid high energy bills, there are ways to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling needs.

Perform Routine Maintenance on Heating Systems

By keeping your systems running smoothly, you reduce the cost to heat and cool your commercial or industrial property. As a system begins to break down, it needs to work harder to provide the same level of heating or cooling. This results in more energy use to maintain the same temperatures.

Older boilers and AC units may require repair to run more efficiently. Central heating engineers in Durham can inspect your systems. During a standard inspection, engineers perform basic maintenance. The maintenance tasks may include replacing worn parts, cleaning the air ducts, and fine-tuning your systems to increase efficiency.

Replace Outdated Heating and Cooling Appliances

Energy efficiency was less of a concern in previous decades. Boilers and air conditioning systems built in the 1970s or earlier are less than half as efficient as most modern systems. Even with routine maintenance, these appliances may continue to drain energy.

Depending on the age of your heating and cooling systems, replacement may offer a more cost-effective way to reduce energy use. Newer appliances are built with energy efficiency in mind. If your boiler or air conditioner was installed over ten years ago, you may improve efficiency by 20% or more.

Installing a programmable thermostat also allows businesses to increase heating and cooling efficiency. During the night when no one is in the building, you do not need to maintain a comfortable room temperature.

Install an Efficient Commercial Ventilation System

Your property may also benefit from the installation of ventilation systems. Improving the ventilation increases the flow of fresh air and helps remove harmful dust and pollutants. This provides a safer work environment while reducing the risk of allergies.

With the use of a heat recovery ventilation system, wasted energy is recovered and recycled, limiting the demand on your boiler system to keep your property heated. Recycling your wasted energy helps cut energy costs.

Allow HVAC Experts to Assess Your Energy Usage

Besides the steps already addressed, businesses can work with a local HVAC company to receive additional energy efficiency suggestions. Allow a heating and cooling expert to assess your property and your energy use. HVAC professionals can find ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on energy costs.

If you want to save money on heating and cooling in your building, you should start with a closer look at your existing HVAC systems. Routine maintenance helps keep these systems in optimal condition and improves their efficiency. Work with an experienced heating and cooling company to assess your energy use and find ways to cut energy costs.



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