All You Need To Know About the Dimensions of The Bar Table For Your Bar  

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Rushing to the bar is like a new trend. It’s like a magic spell has been cast over the youth and they absolutely love going to the bar to enjoy and party hard. And, why not? It is the 21st century, and there is nothing bad in partying at a bar unless the person is below 18 and consumes alcohol.

Nevertheless, what the youngsters want is a cool interior with the best food, music, and service. They enjoy these things. And one of the most important assets of a bar is the bar table.

Needless to say that a bar counter, that is, the bar table is the centerpiece of any bar restaurant and no bar table would mean no specific place to serve the drinks. This, a bar table is a must for any restaurant bar.

Different bars have different theme based interiors, and the size of furniture varies based on that particular theme. The same way the size of bar table varies but most of them are according to the standard dimensions of the bar table and the space occupancy.

So, if you are planning to start a restaurant bar kind of hotel, then the question that arises is what are the crucial things that you actually need to know about the bar table.

What to keep in mind while selecting the bar table?

  • The first thing that should worry you is about buying a bar table is a comfort. The bar table should be very comfortable to sit. And it should be a bit high and corresponding to it the chairs are to be placed which too should be comfortable. And the utmost important factor is that the chairs or the bar table should not be shaky. It does no good and just spoils the mood of people sitting on it.
  • The bar table should match with the interiors, that is, the interiors and the bar tables and chairs should be in harmony with each other. Moreover, you can play with the colors of the chairs and the bar table to make it all the way more appealing and alluring.
  • One should know the proper and standard dimensions of the bar table.
  • Here, do not forget to consider the space you have empty to set up the bar.
  • The chair should be 75 cm to 80 cm and corresponding to it the bar table should be higher.
  • The bar table should be around 100 cm to 110 cm.
  • The bar tables should not be confused with the dining tables. The dining tables are comparatively shorter than bar tables. The longer tables make the bar look more appealing.

Other important things to be kept in mind

  • The bar should be clean and should always smell good. It attracts people. It should be efficiently maintained and the crew of the bar – the bar attendees – should be polite to the people.
  • The bar should be planned according to the space available. The environment of the bar should lighten up the mood of the people. Good music should be played in the background, and the music can be changed as per the request of the customers.
  • The manager of the bar should be polite too, and everyone should try to come to terms with the changing demands.
  • The washrooms should be kept as clean as possible, and even they should smell good.

All these things attract customers’ attention. They would visit the bar more often and would even suggest their friends. To know more about bar tables click here.

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