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  • Carpets

    Caring for Your Reindeer Rug

    Reindeer rugs are popular because of their beauty, durability, and pleasant texture. They are soft and they have a unique appearance. Caring for reindeer rugs is just like caring for other natural hide rugs. Proper care will help you keep your rug in good condition for a long time. Reindeer rugs are designed to look…

  • Carpets

    Carpet Cleaning Tips for a Glistening

    It is a must to keep the carpets bright and fresh because it gives a much nicer ambiance to the whole home. The carpets will last twice as long if they are properly cleaned and maintained. A cleaned carpet also ensures the health of your little ones. A dirty carpet is an open invitation to…

  • Carpets

    How to choose a carpet for the living room?

    Which form of carpet to choose? The shape of the carpet chosen will be according to that of your room. If the living room is long, we will try to keep a certain balance by avoiding a square carpet. The dimensions generally recommended for a rug in the living room are 160 x 230 cm. Shaggy, the…